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Launched in 2009, QbankDMD is a state of the art on-line testing simulator that has successfully prepared thousands of dental students and professionals for their National Board Dental Exams (NBDE). QbankDMD's team of dental experts has integrated their experience and knowledge of the topics included on the examinations to develop an advanced methodology that will assist you in successfully completing both the NBDE Part 1 and NBDE Part 2 (including Day 1 and Day 2). Our system offers many features not seen on other on-line test preparation applications with over 1400 questions available in EACH question bank. Our questions are complimented by extensive explanations, hundreds of exhibits, and performance analytics that provide critical information related to your strengths and weaknesses. There's no software to download and updates are performed automatically!

QbankDMD is the most current, precise, and affordable question bank available on the market today for the NBDE. With 3057 questions currently in our question bank as of April 20th, 2017, QbankDMD has compiled a bank of high-yield questions very similar to what is administered annually by the Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations. QbankDMD offers a distinctive opportunity for dental students to experience exam questions that emulate the NBDE and provides you with detailed EXPLANATIONS that not only clarify each question but also provide insight related to each topic covered on the NBDE. Our question bank also includes over 300 Case Study questions that are a significant part of the NBDE Part 2 (Day 2) examination and hundreds of exhibits that provide visual confirmation of our EXPLANATIONS.

QbankDMD is the ONLY study tool on the market today that includes Day 2 questions for the NBDE Part 2!

OVER 300 Case Study practice questions that include:

Patient History
Dental Charts


  • Anatomic Sciences (354)
  • Biochemistry/Physiology (357)
  • Dental Anatomy and Occlusion (360)
  • Microbiology/Pathology (358)

Number of questions available per category displayed in parentheses ( )


Day 1
  • Endodontics (147)
  • Operative Dentistry (130)
  • Oral and Maxillofacial (134)
  • Oral Diagnosis (135)
  • Orthodontics/Pediatric (162)
  • Patient Management (145)
  • Periodontics (162)
  • Pharmacology (165)
  • Prosthodontics (148)
Day 2
  • Case Study Practice Exam (300)



Student Doctor Network announces dates for Test Prep Week 2017

Student-Doctor-Network- 2nd largest

The Student Doctor Network has announced they will be hosting Test Prep Week 2017 from Monday, April 3rd through Friday, April 7th 2017. QbankDMD will again be an exhibitor and will be conducting a raffle for a free 1-month subscription to either NBDE Part 1 or NBDE Part 2. The winner will be selected by a representative from the Student Doctor Network and announced shortly after the event has ended. The Student Doctor Network will select the winner based on comments posted on Student Doctor Network forum. To enter, simply add a comment, suggestion or question on the thread related to the QbankDMD 2017 raffle. The thread will be available beginning April 3rd, 2017. We look forward to hearing from you! Visit Us on Student Doctor Network


Guarantee - same size

QbankDMD offers a significant advantage to those preparing for the NBDE. Any student who purchases a subscription and does not pass their NBDE exam will receive a a free subscription equal in length to their original subscription. This offer only applies to initial subscriptions of 90 days or longer. In order to qualify you must complete all questions within the question bank over the length of the subscription. Simply send us a copy of your official exam results. QbankDMD is confident that our question bank will provide you with the assistance required to pass the NBDE on your first attempt!

Student Doctor Network Discounts

Student-Doctor-Network- 2nd largest

Please visit our Exhibition Forum on the Student Doctor Network website for special individual discounts for SDN members. We also offer significant discounts (up to 60% off all subscriptions) for all dental schools and student groups including free subscriptions to all group organizers! These special rates are available for groups as small as 10 with the largest discounts for groups of 200 or more. Additional information is posted within the forum. You may also utilize the threads within the forum for any discussions related to the NBDE or post inquiries related to our software. We will keep you posted of any exam updates, helpful hints to prepare for your exam and any information related to future Student
Doctor Network Test Prep Weeks! Visit Us on Student Doctor Network


Discounts - same size

QbankDMD is now on FACEBOOK! All QbankDMD fans can now click the "Promotions" link to view promotional codes available each month. Promotional codes apply only to new subscriptions. Please remember to "Like" prior to viewing the codes. The "Promotional" link is located within the "Apps" section of our Facebook page. Visit Us on Facebook

Survey / Monthly Drawing

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We would like to hear from you! Complete our short survey after you have completed your initial subscription and receive a chance to win monthly drawings for free subscriptions and renewals. Please include your name and contact information in order to receive your entry into the QbankDMD's monthly drawing! QbankDMD Survey